Hey Now, Hey Now, This is What Dreams are Made Of

The previous time that I had come to visit Rome was under slightly different circumstances. I was ten years old and with my family, visiting my sister for a certain reason. It was not only my first time in Italy, but my first time ever leaving the North American continent. I arrived at night, and the first place that we went to was the Trevi Fountain. It was large, glorious, and beautiful, lit up with all of its sculptures. It was a very magical moment in the wide eyes of a young girl.

Now, here I was again, ten years later. This time around, I was with a friend and roughing it in a hostel. Having arrived in the late afternoon, I remembered why I loved it as we walked to find a restaurant. I think that Rome is called the Eternal City because it truly does traverse millennia. All of its buildings are old and feel historical, with each one a beautiful earthy tone of orange, yellow, or tan. Casually intermixed are ancient ruins dating back to 2,000 years prior; even though those civilizations fell, their spirit is kept alive in this amazing city. Finally, once we found a restaurant, my first meal was an old favorite of pizza margherita.

The following day included an itinerary of wandering. Katherine and I found ourselves inside gorgeously intricate churches and then at a street lined with amazing clothing stores. I had originally feared shopping in Italy prior to coming there, for I had pictured it as being solely expensive and designer. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find super cute, flattering, quality clothes at very cheap prices. Furthermore, shopping in Rome reminded me to reinstate a forgotten theory that I once had about fashion. You see, what is currently in style for the American woman is baggy up top and tighter on the bottom- or just tight all over- with the key being a shorter hemline. Thus, when trying on a dress in Rome that hit just above the knee, I was aghast at how “long” it was. However, the way that it was cut perfectly flatters the female body! It had a v-neck to make one’s boobs look amazing, a nipped in waist, and it flared ever so slightly over the hips. I remembered then that sexiness does not have to be equated with a short skirt. In fact, a longer hemline can be even sexier.

That night, we found a restaurant that had incredible food and no tourists. However, we were starving by the time that we were seated, and it took forever just to receive our appetizers and bread. Thus, we scarfed those down and filled up so much that we could barely eat our entrées… mine was delicious though! I had gnocchi with clams, yum!

Later on, we went to the bar at our hostel and discovered that our hostel was 90% male. Katherine and I could barely make it across the crowded room without someone buying us a drink, seeing as we were the only girls there…

Originally planning on only staying one night in Rome, Katherine and I were enjoying ourselves so much that we ended up staying another two nights. As opposed to trying to see the big monuments, we spent the rest of our time there doing pretty much the same thing- walking around, shopping, and eating amazing food =).



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