On an Island in the Sun

The next day, I woke up and realized that I could barely open my left eye. In a panic, I rushed to the bathroom mirror and saw that my eyelid was completely swollen. My right eye was fine, though, so I looked like a crazy person or like I was constantly winking at someone. My theory is that, attempting to only lie on my left side to prevent irritating my new ear piercing, I had an allergic reaction to my sheets or something. I went to the pharmacy, and they gave me eye drops and stuff to put on it, but I had to wear sunglasses all day long until it went away.

This photo was when it was actually starting to look better. Anyway, it was pretty hilarious =P.

That day, Katherine and I rented an ATV, because it is a very popular and easy mode of transportation on Santorini. We drove around the island a little before going to a black sand beach. The beach was pretty rocky, but the water was so clear and blue and just went on for infinity.

Later, we went back to Fira to do some shopping and have dinner/gelato. We then went back to our hostel, for we had signed up for a hatha yoga class there. The class turned out to be on the roof of the building, overlooking the whole town and the Aegean Sea. It was so stunning, and we did our sun salutations to the setting sun. It was such a peaceful, beautiful moment.

The following day, we decided that we wanted to explore the island some more. Katherine drove me around the island on our ATV, and it was so incredible. We were driving on winding roads on the side of a cliff, which was slightly terrifying, but we had the most stunning views of the island and the sea. I saw the most beautiful scenery that I’ve ever seen in my life. It was breathtaking. I can’t even describe it, and pictures don’t do it justice. You just have to go there sometime in your life. It’s a spiritual experience.


That night, we went to this awesome restaurant called Mama’s and had the second best meals of our lives. Then, as we were walking around the area overlooking the water, we got sucked into going to this bar. We were the only ones there because it was pretty early, but it was an extremely romantic place… it had beautiful views of the sea, the lit up village off the side of the cliff, the orange moon lighting the experience, and romantic music playing. Katherine and I were joking to each other about how glad we were to be sharing that moment together. Then we bought fruity drinks which ended up costing 15 frickin’ euro! Each! It was by far the most money I’ve ever spent on a beverage and was definitely not worth it. Regardless, I had had such a life changing day that I didn’t let it bother me =).


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