Spending Too Much Money and Being Fat Asses

Wanting to explore another part of Turkey outside of Istanbul, Katherine and I headed out to one of the Prince’s Islands on the 14th. Our ferry ride over there was only about an hour and a half long and had gorgeous views of the city and its surrounding areas. Once we arrived, I was astounded by how serene the island was, particularly in comparison to the craziness of Istanbul. We sat at a peaceful café for about 2 hours, the only noise our conversation with each other. Finally, we began our search for our ultimate purpose in going to this island: the beach. The only modes of transportation that exist on the Prince’s Islands are horse-drawn carriages and rented bicycles. However, not planning ahead, Katherine and I just walked instead. It turned out that the area was extremely hilly, and its beaches were, of course, on the opposite side of the island from where we were. After trekking around forever, we finally found a beach… that costed 25 Turkish Lira (about $14) to enter. We decided to just suck it up and pay, since we had walked so much and didn’t know where the next beach would be. It turned out to be a lovely beach after all, with pretty cliffs, the serenely beautiful Sea of Marmara, and our own reclining lounge chairs. It was very relaxing to just lay on the beach and swim in perfectly clear water.


However, once we were ready to head back to the ferry dock, we remembered how far away it was. We chose to ride one of the horse-drawn carriages, which costed a yucky amount of money. The ferry ride back, however, was during the sunset and was so beautiful.


Our plan after that was to head back to Istanbul on the ferry and, later on, meet up with Tolga and Vincent again in Taksim. However, by the time that we actually arrived in Istanbul, it was already after 9:00. We realized that we didn’t have enough time to take a taxi all the way back to our hostel, get ready, and take a taxi to Taksim. However, we also were just at the beach, and we didn’t have clothes to change into or any makeup with us. Therefore, we decided that we would just go to Taksim and shop for new outfits and makeup. After failing to find a taxi, Katherine and I just walked there instead- which was up an extremely steep hill and took forever. Once we finally reached Taksim, we realized how starving we were, and how badly we wanted non-Turkish food. As a result, we ended up at- you guessed it- McDonald’s! It was there that I ate the most food I have ever eaten in my life; I ordered two cheeseburgers, a medium fry, and, in an effort to be health-conscious, water. And in record-breaking time, I ate every. last. bite.

Feeling sufficiently like fat ass Americans, Katherine and I went shopping for new dresses at Mango. Then we hit up a Clinique store to browse around at makeup. Now, Clinique is one of the more expensive brands in the U.S., but because it is imported in Turkey the prices are more than double. A smart person would maybe realize, hey, this is not worth it! However we were feeling desperate and pressured to buy something because we were the only ones in the store, and they were staying open late just for us. Thus, we caved and spent way too much money. Afterward, we saw another makeup store a couple stores down that was crowded and had tons of samples. We went in there to put on some eye shadow samples to finish off our looks, and then realized that we should have just gone there in the first place.

Finally, we met up with Vincent and Tolga. We all went to that park that we had gone to a couple nights beforehand, and then we went club-hopping. These clubs were a little different from the first one we went to, in that they played American/electronic music. However, somebody who shall not be named was having too much fun, and somebody had to send her home…

Then the next day we did absolutely nothing and it was amazing.


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